A Strategic Plan, which generally spans three to five years in the life of your company, represents a set of goals and course of action that is broad enough for all segments of your organization to understand and to attach more detailed segment goals. In light of a shifting economic environment, five-year strategic plans need to be reviewed and tweaked at least every other year, if not more often, particularly in the area of critical success metrics.

ASA’s involvement in your strategic-plan review process can be direct or indirect:

  • If direct, ASA associates sit with your senior executive team on a review of the plan and help facilitate discussion of alternate options.
  • If indirect, ASA reviews both your existing plan and any changes proposed in order to determine if risk exposures have been elevated or reduced.

Such third-party advice is often useful when budgets are being cut through automation, offshoring and personnel reductions – a perfect environment for risk levels to rise. ASA can provide recommendations to reduce your company's risk exposure in such contexts.