Take Risks With Confidence

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For the past five years, Annie Searle & Associates -- ASA Risk Consultants -- has helped companies better manage the types of risks that spring from the four operational aspects of any organization --  people, processes, systems and external events. Our services are always customized to client requirements, but can include solutions to:

  • Align existing programs to create an enterprise-wide risk management plan
  • Deploy strong business ethics programs to reduce insider threats and misconduct
  • Streamline crisis management plans
  • Identify emerging threats
  • Protect your brand
  • Avoid operational losses

Use ASA consulting services to drive improvements in your policies, programs and business practices. Our toolset includes executive briefings, risk assessments and roadmaps, strategic planning, scenario design and testing. We can help you improve and align crisis management, technology resiliency, corporate and information security, all essential parts of enterprise risk management..

Engage the ASA Institute for Risk and Innovation to tap into ASA research and publications, research workshops, executive risk retreats and customized projects. If you are interested in submitting a research note for publication in ASA News & Notes and as part of our Reflections on Risk series, please review our guidelines first.

In all our efforts, we're here to help your firm take well-considered risks that support corporate innovation, growth and profitability.

Annie's Take

Daily commentary on risk news that matters.

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ASA News

Annie is working on her next book, a look at how information morphs as it moves higher in any large corporation. How much risk-related information does a CEO actually have when making critical decisions? The book will look at a number of examples where reputational and financial loss have both occurred. The book is tentatively titled, Executives and Risk: What Your Teams Won't Tell You.