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Cyber risks to your finances are rising as big banks rely on the oligopoly of big tech
"It is often said that practice makes perfect. Maybe that’s why a few of Canada’s larger financial institutions were recently asked to participate in what one regulator called a “severe but plausible cyber scenario.”"
Annie's take:

This analysis is probably as applicable in the United States as Canada.
Cybersecurity Challenges For The Boardroom: What Publicly Traded Companies Should Consider
"Steven Grimberg and Mark Ray are Managing Directors at Nardello & Co., a leading global investigations firm that, among other things, specializes in cybersecurity consulting, internal investigations and incident response."
Annie's take:

Good question and answer content. NACD, pay attention.
Guns, Bluster and Global Crapshoots
"February was a short month, dominated by Congressional inaction when DACA or gun control reform legislation was beaten back again by lobbyists."
Annie's take:

This month's column focuses on exactly what its title indicates.
Corporate boards will face the spotlight in cybersecurity incidents
"In my last article, I noted that corporate boards, especially those of public companies, are facing increased scrutiny and liability exposure in relation to cybersecurity and data privacy."
Annie's take:

How alert must boards of directors be? Here's a terrific article that lays it out.
Six Common Misconceptions About Cybersecurity
"Interest in cybersecurity is escalating across the legal profession, reflecting the complex and potentially catastrophic threats that clients, particularly financial services firms, now face. Because these risks are deep and potentially disastrous, lawyers are increasingly tasked with counseling clients about how to contain them."
Annie's take:

Excellent article!
Women cybersecurity leaders: RSA Conference can't find you
"At a major cybersecurity event in April, the only woman out of 20 keynote speakers will be a social commentator."
Annie's take:

Women are their own conference in San Francisco and you can get the details here: https://www.oursa.org.
Equifax Releases Updated Information on 2017 Cybersecurity Incident
Annie's take:

The drama continues, and Equifax leads the way for providing stellar lessons learned on what was a broad cultural problem.
Cryptocurrency Firms Targeted in SEC Probe
"The Securities and Exchange Commission has issued dozens of subpoenas and information requests to technology companies and advisers involved in the red-hot market for cryptocurrencies, according to people familiar with the matter."
Annie's take:

The SEC has turned out to be the most actively forward looking agency that the current administration has. This will be quite interesting.