Risk News

The Year That Tech's Giants Learned to Take Responsibility
"This was a terrible year for the tech industry."
Annie's take:

A good reprise of the year.
Busting the Myths About Artificial Intelligence
"How do New York Times journalists see technology in their jobs and in their personal lives?"
Annie's take:

Incisive Q&A.
Find Your Voice and Make Change
"Holiday branding began well over two months ago, but I am only now getting into the swing of things, and many of the rituals date from my childhood."
Annie's take:

I am pleased to present this issue of ASA News & Notes, which features a new research note by Kyle Donovan that looks at one of the biggest players in the Internet of Things space.
The Cryptocurrency Crackdown
"Bitcoin value reached a new high this week, topping $12,000 for the first time, but otherwise cryptocurrencies have not been enjoying a banner PR season."
Annie's take:

The SEC is cracking down!
U.K. Banks Aren't Telling Regulators About All Cyber Attacks
"U.K. banks still aren’t telling regulators about all the cyber attacks on the financial services industry despite a ten-fold increase in reports to the Financial Conduct Authority over the last four years."
Annie's take:

Are we really surprised about this?
Fake news and botnets: how Russia weaponised the web
"It began at exactly 10pm on 26 April, 2007, when a Russian-speaking mob began rioting in the streets of Tallinn, the capital city of Estonia, killing one person and wounding dozens of others.:
Annie's take:

There's so much we don't know yet.
Lawsuits Pile Up on Uber
"It's been quite a week for Uber as the lawsuits from its recent high-profile breach keep on coming. The popular ride-hailing company has been under fire ever since it was disclosed that the company took more than a year to notify consumers of a breach, after which it allegedly paid hackers $100,000 to keep the attack quiet."
Annie's take:

Uber has become an organic case study for those of us in the risk management profession.