Risk News

SEC Discloses Edgar Corporate Filing System Was Hacked in 2016
"The top U.S. markets regulator disclosed Wednesday that hackers penetrated its electronic system for storing public-company filings last year and may have traded on the information."
Annie's take:

Coming on top of news that hackers were inside the Equifax website for at least four months before they were discovered, this comes as just more bad news.
New York State’s new financial services cybersecurity policy relies on encryption
"As of August 28, certain financial services companies based in New York now have to comply with the state’s new cybersecurity requirements, known by the (very long) acronym 23 NYCRR 500. On the line for affected banks and insurers are both penalties for non-compliance and potential business loss if they continue to expose their businesses to cyber threats."
Annie's take:

A very bright sign on a murky horizon.
Equifax Hackers Stole 200k Credit Card Accounts in One Fell Swoop
"Visa and MasterCard are sending confidential alerts to financial institutions across the United States this week, warning them about more than 200,000 credit cards that were stolen in the epic data breach announced last week at big-three credit bureau Equifax."
Annie's take:

Worse and worse.
Cyberinsurers Look to Measure Risk
"One of the biggest challenges for cyberinsurers is making sense of what little data there is on cyberattacks."
Annie's take:

Ratings for cyberinsurance, based on 14 Chamber of Commerce cyber rating principles, seems a stretch, even though large corporations like Microsoft have signed off on them.
The Navy is still investigating possibility of cyberattack in destroyer collisions
"Almost “every three-letter agency” in Washington, D.C., has assisted in an investigation into the possibility that a recent deadly collision involving a Navy destroyer in the Pacific was caused by a cyberattack, the vice chief of Naval Operations told lawmakers this week."
Annie's take:

Will keep you posted on this story.
It is time to make domestic terrorism a federal crime
"Heather Heyer. Lieutenant H. Jay Cullen. Trooper Berke Bates. No discussion of the tragedy in Charlottesville should begin without honoring the families and friends of the three people whose lives were lost in connection with the white supremacist rally. FBI agents mourn the loss of our fellow law enforcement officers, who died trying to protect the public, and Heather Heyer, who was killed standing up to bigotry. They will not be forgotten."
Annie's take:

Most of us probably thought domestic terrorism is a federal crime already.
Lawmakers Want Limits on Wiretaps Despite Trump Administration Objections
"A bipartisan bloc of House Judiciary Committee leaders have agreed to demand new limits on the National Security Agency’s warrantless surveillance program as a condition of temporarily extending its authorization, setting up a fight with the Trump administration."
Annie's take:

More bipartisanship!
Taking Stock of Trump's Cybersecurity Executive Order So Far
"By the time President Trump signed his Cybersecurity Executive Order on May 11, it had taken on a mythic air."
Annie's take:

Still need to move forward past the executive order itself.
Governance 101
"Every year since 2011, I have used this September column to remember 9/11, and to focus on Congress’ failure to implement four key recommendations of the 9/11 Commission Report, summarized briefly as 1) centralize Congressional oversight over the Department of Homeland Security; 2) create a national interoperable broadband communications network for emergency first responders; 3) provide greater authority and additional budget to the Director of National Intelligence, especially in the area of cybersecurity; and 4) lay out regional lines of command among all critical infrastructure sectors."
Annie's take:

I hope you enjoy my column and will find it useful for organizing your time where our elected officials are concerned.
President Trump's War on Science
The news was hard to digest...
Annie's take:

I'm using this editorial as a reference point today in writing my column for ASA News & Notes, on governance.
A Growing Terrorist Threat on Another 9/11
"This Monday’s 16th anniversary of the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, might be less mournful if we could say that the threat of jihadist terrorism had receded or disappeared. But that is far from the case."
Annie's take:

The FBI once described the difference between Al-Qaeda and ISIS as the difference between the well-organized Mafia and street gangs.