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Whistleblower Leaked Damning Cohen Financial Documents Because They Were Disappearing From Government Financial Crimes Database
"A recent string of disclosures about payments made to bank accounts linked to Michael Cohen and his shell company, Essential Consultants, used to pay off porn star Stormy Daniels, raised a host of new legal questions for the longtime personal lawyer to Donald Trump."
Annie's take:

A colleague pointed out at the inception of the current administration that we should be concerned with information disappearing, and it looks like she was right.
White House eliminates cybersecurity coordinator role
"The Trump administration no longer has a cybersecurity coordinator."
Annie's take:

Perhaps the most careless move yet by John Bolton.
Gaudeamus -- Let Us Rejoice!
“Among the map makers of each generation are the risk takers, those who see the opportunities, seize the moment and expand man's vision of the future.” -- Ralph Waldo Emerson
Annie's take:

This month's column features a Q & A on risk management careers. Zhou Shan has written a research note on privacy and big data.
One Cybersecurity Metric To Dwell On
"Having a robust set of indicators is important to assessing an agency’s cybersecurity, but how long hackers have access to a network may be the most important, one federal IT official said."
Annie's take:

This metric -- the average time to detection -- is still way too high.
Bringing It All Together: NYS DFS, SWIFT, SEC and GDPR
"The Financial Services industry tends to be at the cutting edge of technology, and as a result, is often the group to be ahead of the curve of both its benefit and hazards. Whether it’s faster transactional processing in support of gaining even the slightest edge in trade execution or leveraging big data to gain unprecedented insights, financial services is the place to be. On the other hand, the power of all that technology and data has also led to businesses running the risk of exposing customer’s data and committing fraud."
Annie's take:

Assimilation, finally?
Digital Identity Makes Headway Around the World
"As our real lives and online lives become increasingly intertwined, the old ways of authenticating identity are failing us."
Annie's take:

A quick trip around the world.