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Obama, in Major National Security Speech, Defends Counterterrorism Legacy

"In his final planned address on national security as commander in chief, President Obama said on Tuesday that for eight years, his administration protected the nation against major terrorist attacks from abroad while adhering to American values and the rule of law."

Annie's take:

In about six months, we will be looking back and admiring President Obama's wisdom and restraint.

Study warns of human rights risks from censoring online terror content

"Internet companies should not be required to monitor third-party terrorist content that they host or transmit, nor should they face direct or indirect liability from governments for such content, according to a new study. "

Annie's take:

Interesting argument.

The internet may be doing more harm than good

"Was the world better off before the internet?"

Annie's take:

Another perspective from another country.

People really, really suck at using computers

"The OECD's 2011-2015, 33 country, 215,942-person study of computer skills paints a deceptively grim picture of the average level of computer proficiency around the world -- deceptive because it excludes over-65s, who research shows to be, on average, less proficient than the 16-65 cohort sampled."

Annie's take:

But what does this data really tell us?

Trump’s Business Empire Isn’t Just an Ethical Disaster

"President-elect Donald J. Trump said on Wednesday that he would separate himself from his businesses before he enters the White House."

Annie's take:

A more comprehensive examination of the ethics questions.

The Tor Phone prototype: a truly private smartphone?

"The Tor Project has long offered high-security alternatives for folk who are especially concerned about their privacy. But as the world goes mobile, and is increasingly accessed through smartphones, users become vulnerable to a whole new set of compromises."

Annie's take:

An alternative to AT&T, for instance, about whose very large database we are finding out more this morning.