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Why risk management should underpin a cyber security strategy.
"Q: Lloyd’s Register is all about safety; what is more important for cyber security professionals to focus on - is it threats or is it vulnerabilities?"
Annie's take:

An extremely interesting interview.
Houston runs 3-day cyberattack stress test
"The City of Houston is running a three-day exercise to test its ability to deflect and cope with cyberattacks, Mayor Sylvester Turner announced Wednesday."
Annie's take:

We need more such tests.
Global Finance Leader Study: Finance Leaders Share the Top Risks that Matter Most
"CFOs operate in an increasingly volatile business environment, from geopolitical uncertainty to the universal threat of cybercrime."
Annie's take:

These lists are beginning to look remarkably the same.
White House says Trump wants to revoke security clearances for former officials critical of him over Russia
"President Trump moved to retaliate against some of his strongest critics Monday, threatening to revoke the security clearances of former top officials who have raised alarms about Russian interference in the 2016 election or questioned the president’s fitness for office."
Annie's take:

Nothing shocks us anymore, especially when Trump plays to his base.One would hope that Congress and his own advisors would stop this plan dead in its tracks.
5 use cases for smart city IoT
"Cities across the world are running internet-of-things pilots to gain insights that will them run more efficiently. A new white paper from the Georgia Institute of Technology's Center for the Development and Application of Internet of Things Technologies takes an exhaustive look at promise of these burgeoning technologies."
Annie's take:

In this respect, the public sector may be moving more quickly than the private sector.
‘Very much counter to the plan’: Trump defies advisers in embrace of Putin
"Administration officials had hoped that maybe, just maybe, Monday’s summit between President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin would end differently — without a freewheeling 46-minute news conference in which Trump attacked his own FBI on foreign soil and warmly praised archrival Russia."
Annie's take:

Operational risk levels in this country are at an all time high. We need Republicans as well as Democrats to strongly condemn Trump's words.
Cryptocurrency, Cyber Fraud Focus of Trump Task Force
"On an executive order by President Trump, four agencies established the Task Force on Market Integrity and Consumer Fraud last week, charged with guiding “the investigation and prosecution of cases involving fraud on the government, the financial markets and consumers, including cyber fraud and other fraud targeting the elderly, service members and veterans, and other members of the public,” in addition to other provisions."
Annie's take:

Better late than never?
Building his A-Team: Prosecutors specialized in cybercrime and counter-espionage join Robert Mueller's probe into Russian election meddling
"Special Counsel Robert Mueller is stocking his team of prosecutors with experts in cyber-espionage, counter-intelligence, political corruption, and violent crime in the ongoing and expanding Russia investigation."
Annie's take:

This story was reported yesterday, before the indictments of 12 intelligence officers from Russia were announced this morning. #timely
Waging cyber war without a rulebook
"For years, security experts have warned of an impending cyber Pearl Harbor: an attack so big and bold that it cripples U.S. infrastructure and demands a military response."
Annie's take:

Possibly one of the worst possible and high risk outcomes would be misunderstanding another country's actions and proceeding to attack them. We need a better set of rules and protocols here.
Battling Fake Accounts, Twitter to Slash Millions of Followers
"Twitter will begin removing tens of millions of suspicious accounts from users’ followers on Thursday, signaling a major new effort to restore trust on the popular but embattled platform."
Annie's take:

What Twitter can charge for ads will undoubtedly be affected by this purge, but it's a necessary one.
Privacy and Cyber Risk - Turning uncertainty into opportunity
"Australia’s technological landscape is ever evolving. Across sectors, digital technologies are constantly shifting business rules by facilitating new business models. Technology has not only been fundamental in assisting corporations in reducing cost and increasing productivity, digitalisation has substantially changed the business landscape promising increased opportunity and innovation. However, with this new opportunity comes new risks, particularly cyber risk and the risk of breach of privacy."
Annie's take:

It's interesting to read how these twin issues are being handled in another country.
"All Rise!"
“All rise!” is what the clerk of court calls out when a judge enters a courtroom, at all levels of our legal system, from traffic court to the Supreme Court.
Annie's take:

A quick walk through the rule of law.
The Morning Risk Report: Midsize Firms Take Cybersecurity ‘Sweet Spot’
"Good morning. Big companies have more sophisticated systems and more cash to throw at keeping hackers out, but tests of firms’ vulnerability indicate that doesn’t make them safer than their smaller counterparts."
Annie's take:

Another interesting Coalfire report!
How Smart TVs in Millions of U.S. Homes Track More Than What’s On Tonight
"The growing concern over online data and user privacy has been focused on tech giants like Facebook and devices like smartphones. But people’s data is also increasingly being vacuumed right out of their living rooms via their televisions, sometimes without their knowledge."
Annie's take:

The casualness with which people give away their privacy is asounding. #NOSAMBAHERE
Banks to be subjected to ‘cyber stress tests’ to see if they could withstand a major hacking attack
"Financial services companies will be subject to “cyber stress tests” to establish if they could recover in the event of a major breach, the Bank of England said today."
Annie's take:

Brits seem to be in the lead here...