Retreats & Workshops

Anne Searle at the I3M Retreat
Institute for Innovation in Information Management (I3M)
panel discussion, Seattle, November 2009.

The ASA Institute for Risk and Innovation offers both offsite risk retreats and small, interactive workshops for interested clients. Both venues are highly customizable.


Risk Retreats

At ASA's one-day risk retreats, you can take an in-depth look at innovative approaches or new best practices to apply to chronic corporate risk issues in the context of strategic planning. Use a risk retreat as part of an executive off-site or strategic planning conference where multiple perspectives are desirable.

Led by Annie Searle, your risk retreat can be customized to include:

  • A panel discussion with internal and external participants
  • Informal question-and-answer session with the managers
  • Customized meetings with senior staff or boards of directors


Interactive Workshops

ASA customizes workshops designed for businesses who wish to become better prepared against common risks and threat. Such workshops are suitable for professionals in the fields of operational risk, business continuity, emergency management, as well as corporate and information security. Workshop participants will return to their organizations with specific action items to implement and a new perspective on their responsibilities. Where appropriate, hypothetical companies and scenarios will be utilized.

For example, ASA offers a business resilience workshop for business owners to create solid and sensible plans to manage earthquakes and other emergencies. "Seattle sits on the Cascadia fault, and a similar magnitude earthquake with tsunami here would have devastating consequences because of the density of our population,” Searle noted. She indicates that over 80% of private sector firms are small businesses, without plans for high impact events like earthquakes, fires, or power outages.

This workshop utilizes templates from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) program called “ReadyBusiness” as well as some materials from Searle’s book, Advice From A Risk Detective. According to FEMA, 35% of small businesses never re-open after a major disruption like an earthquake because they weren’t prepared. Participants will leave with a workbook, templates and checklists.

“Though CEOs will be able to fill in some of the templates during the workshop, we will spend most of the time identifying practical steps that can be taken around key risks. What participants learn about earthquakes can also be applied to other high impact events,” says Searle. The workshop is suitable for either CEOs or their designees.

Contact for details on how to arrange a workshop for your business.