The ASA Approach

Annie in action
Annie Searle at the 2007 International
Public-Private Preparedness Summit
in Florence, Italy

ASA helps executives and senior managers assess and address corporate and organizational risk using an approach that is:

  • Neutral: ASA evaluates all perspectives without preconceptions
  • Service-centric: ASA has no hardware or software to sell
  • High-standard: ASA works to a best-practice standard, at minimum
  • Targeted: ASA prefers targeted assessments with clear end dates
  • Confidential: All correspondence with you is strictly confidential

Our process generally proceeds like this:

1. Initial meeting
We meet with you to understand:

  • The problem you want to solve
  • The internal resources you are willing to allocate to work with us

2. Written quotation
Our confidential written quotation includes:

  • An estimate of our fees for the work
  • Any special requests or concerns we have
  • Your level of involvement

3. Timeline
A typical engagement lasts two to six weeks, depending on what you have asked us to do.