Executive Briefings

One way to maintain strategic position for your company is to understand where your company stands in comparison to its competition, before such information is reported or blogged widely.

ASA Executive Briefings generally address program-specific controls and risk:

  • Privacy controls across your company

  • Risks around offshoring or outsourcing more than 40% of your team

  • The relative strength of your audit program

  • Adjustments to new national and international regulation

  • Change of control or delegation of authority questions

  • How to make cost-effective investments in operational risk management

If you request an Executive Briefing concerning a topic you select, we will:

  • Meet with you to gain a clear understanding of your goals around such a briefing

  • Understand whether it is an internal assessment you are looking for, or a report that benchmarks your company's risk practices against those of your competitors

  • Sign a confidentiality agreement in conjunction with a review or your materials

  • Prepare the confidential report in writing

The report can be delivered in person in a confidential session to either executives or to your company's board of directors.