Advice From a Risk Detective

Everyone has personal risks to handle at home, at work, online and on the road. Searle advises you on how to take risks with confidence by having your plans in order. She divides life and its risks into four chapters, with tips and checklists for each.

This slim volume makes an ideal gift for family and friends, and even colleagues. Written in plain English, with plenty of stories about how things can go wrong.

second edition of the book with updates sections on technology, travel and a new chapter called "At School" was published in the summer of 2013. A third edition of the book will be published in the autumn of 2019.

Using her expertise as an operational risk executive, Searle shows how to take risks with confidence and argues that taking risks is part of life; identifying risks and taking precautions can be learned; and that making a plan to handle your risks does not take much time or money.

Here's what the first six reviewers said –

“Life is a marvelous thing, except when events conspire to take you out, hurt you, steal your stuff, to trap you someplace you don't want to be! In Advice from A Risk Detective, Annie Searle outlines many practical, simple steps for protecting you and the people important to you from a litany of threats. I suggest you buy it, read it, and highlight all the tips - but most of all - do what is outlined, and then show your friends....Highly recommended, easy to read." -- Pete O'Dell, Author of "Silver Bullets" and founder of Swan Island Networks

"Great reading and a 'must read' for everyone that wants to be prepared and stay safe at home, at work, on line and on the road." --Alfonso Martinez-Fonts, U.S. Chamber of Commerce and Former DHS Undersecretary for Private Sector

"Annie Searle's new book, Advice from a Risk Detective, is a "must read" for everyone. Her insights as an operational risk executive translated to everyday life help the reader know how to manage their own risks at home, at work, on the internet and on the road. The checklists are invaluable. Buy one for yourself as well as for your loved ones!" ----Catherine A. Allen, Chairman and CEO, The Santa Fe Group

"Annie Searle takes a down-to-earth approach to addressing the range of risks that confront us at home, work, on the road and online. She shares a personal perspective and history that enlivens and enriches what is too often a 'check list' mantra. There is no hype or unrealistic complexity here, just actionable insights that offer tremendous value to all." -- Bill Raisch, Director, International Center for Enterprise Preparedness, New York University

"Don't be daunted by the innumerable risks of modern life. In this practical, handy reference book, Annie Searle serves as a personal risk consultant, providing concrete methods of reducing the dangers of such things as natural disasters, cyber-crime, and the hazards of social media. She provides concrete checklists and sources for additional information. The general public and risk management professionals alike will find this a useful and accessible tool for protecting themselves, their employees, and their respective families." -- Brian Tishuk, Executive Director, ChicagoFIRST

"Chock-full of practical suggestions to manage risk at home, work, and on-the-go" -- Dr. Kevin C. Desouza, Author of "Managing Knowledge Security"