Risk News

D.C. Attorney General Files Suit Against Facebook Over Privacy
"The District of Columbia attorney general filed suit against Facebook on Wednesday, alleging the company “failed to protect the privacy of its users” in the Cambridge Analytica scandal."
Annie's take:

Good to know that local authorities filing against Facebook even as we wait to see what the FTC will decide with latest news.
Just Because We Can, Does It Mean We Should?
"As 2018 winds down, we are exhausted by the moral and political chaos represented by the current administration."
Annie's take:

"What has changed for Google -- or for Facebook or for Amazon -- that reputation is now irrelevant when they have such powerful tools to unleash, largely without any form of regulation?"
Revealed: Marriott's 500 Million Hack Came After A String Of Security Breaches
"On Friday, hospitality giant Marriott revealed a massive hack led to the theft of personal data of a whopping 500 million customers of its Starwood hotels."
Annie's take:

Paying the cost of replacing guests' passports may be the least of their problems at this point. This appears to be a good example of third party risk.