2014 RiskWorld Conference in Amsterdam   Left to right: Mike Finlay, publisher of The Risk Universe;    Annie Searle; and former head of Citi’s risk group, Howard Stein

2014 RiskWorld Conference in Amsterdam
Left to right: Mike Finlay, publisher of The Risk Universe;
Annie Searle; and former head of Citi’s risk group, Howard Stein

Annie Searle and her associates are for a wide range of speaking engagements.

From keynote addresses to panel discussions, Annie Searle speaks on topics that generally fall under the category of operational risk -- examples include third party risk, cyber resilience, executive mindset, data security, privacy, reputational risk, succession planning, public-private sector information sharing, and ethical misconduct.

Wearing her other hat as a "risk detective," Searle can also be retained by schools, businesses or organizations to speak to students or employees on personal risk that can arise with the use of technology and social media, or when traveling. Her book, Advice From A Risk Detective covers five aspects of life: at home, at school, at work, online and on the road. It can be made available to audiences for special pricing, often as a gift from the host organization for the presentation.  

Selected Speaking Engagements:

  • “The Two Faces of Artificial Intelligence.” SecureWorld Seattle (November 2019).

  •  “Women in Security” panel moderator. SecureWorld Seattle (November 2019).

  • “Crisis Management & Informatics” panel moderator. UW Cybersecurity and Technology Futures series (May 2019).

  •  “Building A Risk-Resilient Dream Team.” Continuity Insights Management Conference (April 2019).

  •  “Risk Framework and Risk Appetite” panel. 12th Annual Shared Assessments Summit, Washington D.C. (April 2019.) 

  • “Leveraging Multiple Perspectives on Multiple Threat Vectors.” Urgent Threats Forum, New York University, November 2018.

  •  “Monkey See, Monkey Do: Security, Privacy, and Conduct Risk.” SecureWorld Seattle regional conference, November 2018.

  •  “Addressing Cyber Security on a Global Scale.” Predictera Executive Cyber Summit, Seattle, October 2018.

  •  "Information Ethics: Leadership and Responsibility in the Information Age." UW Information School Diversity Power Hour (January 2018).

  • "Assessing Risk in Challenging Times." UW Student Access Group (January 2018).

  • "Cybersecurity Policy That Crosses Borders." SecureWorld Seattle Regional Conference (November 2017).

  • "Malicious Insider Threats and Conduct Risk." Puget Sound ISACA Chapter Meeting (September 2017).

  • "Linking ERM and ESRM to Organizational Value." and "ERSM: Current and Future State." The Great Conversation Conference (March 2017).

  • "Root Causes of Conduct Risk." and "Cautionary Tales." Operational Risk North America Conference (March 2016).

  • "How Did I Get Here Stories." Executive Women’s Forum 14th Annual Conference. (October 2016).

  • "Urgent Threats Forum." Global Risk Network (June 2016).

  • "Ethical Misconduct: Our Largest Operational Risk?" OpRisk North America Conference (March 2016).

  • "Making the Case to Executives and Boards," SecureWorld Portland (June 2015)

  • "If You Can't Manage Your Data, How Can You Manage Your Company?" Puget Sound DAMA Day (May 2015)

  • "Assessing Third Party Relationships Under the New Regulatory Regime," 2nd Annual GRC Forum, New York (March 2015)

  • "Too Big to Fail, Too Big to Regulate," OpRisk World 2015, Amsterdam (February 2015)

  • "Advice From A Risk Detective," Starbucks Global Safety & Security Forum (November 2014)

  • "Weaving Together the Right Plan to Prepare for Reputational and Operational RIsks," Kibble and Prentice (October 2014)

  • "Advice From A Risk Detective," KKOL Radio, AM1300 (July 2014)

  • "The BIA as the Foundation of an Operational Risk Program," Continuity Insights Conference (April 2014)

  • "Living WIlls" and "Too Big to Fail, Too Big to Control," OpExWorld conference, Amsterdam (February 2014)

  • "Walking the Security Tightrope," Washington Society of CPA Construction Conference (November 2013)

  • "Making a Crisis Count: Transitioning From Reaction to Proactive Enterprise Risk Assessment," Governance Risk and Controls Conference, Institute of Internal Auditors (August 2013)

  • "Extending Our Reach," DHS-NORCOMM Building Resilience through Public-Private Partnerships 2013 Conference (July 2013)

  • "Managing the Risk Around Cyber-Fraud," Washington Society of CPA Business and Management Conference (June 2013)

  • "Identifying Your Agency's Vulnerabilities," Port of Seattle Emergency Management Cyber Security Summit, Seattle (April 2013)

  • "Perfect Pitch Writing Cyber Requests for Executives," BITS/Financial Services Roundtable Shared Assessments Summit,Boston (March 2013)

  • "Ethical Misconduct: Is It Your Biggest Risk?," Pacific Northwest Enterprise Risk Forum (November 2012)

  • "Business Continuity Planning: Lessons from the Joplin Tornado," EPCOR conference (October 2012)

  • "What Does An Internal Auditor Really Need to Know about Crisis Management?,"Governance Risk and Control Conference, Institute of Internal Auditors (August 2012)

  • "Putting the 'Operational' Back in Vendor Risk Management," Shared Assessments Group(August 2012)

  • "Thinking Big About Small Business," 2012 Building Resilience through Public-Private Partnerships, Colorado Springs (July 2012)

  • "Top of Mind Risk," panel discussion, Executive Women’s Conference Northwest (July 2012)

  • "Business Continuity Planning: Lessons from the Joplin Tornado," Spring EPCOR conference (May 2012)

  • "Risks and Benefits of Cloud Computing," at the Financial Services Roundtable Shared Assessments Summit (March 2011)

  • "Manage Your Risks," PR for People, Seattle (June 2011).

  • "Tweet Me Up: Social Media Tools and Crisis Management," 2011 Partners in Emergency Preparedness Conference, Tacoma WA (April 2011).

  • “Building Public/Private Partnerships,” DRJ World Conference, San Diego (Sept. 2010)

  • “2010 International Public-Private Preparedness Summit,” one of 75 thought leaders, New York University (June 2010).

  • “Security and Cloud Computing” panel, BITS/Financial Services Roundtable Shared Assessments Summit, Providence (May 2010)

  • “A Seat at the Table for Operational Risk,” International Conference on Information Systems for Crisis Response and Management, Seattle (May 2010)

  • “Making the Business Case for Continuity in a Tight Economy,” Partners in Emergency Preparedness Annual Conference, Tacoma (April 2010)

  • "Innovation and Agility: IT Leaders Panel," Fall Symposium, University of Washington Institute for Innovation in Information Management, Seattle (November 2009).

  • “Turning Mitigation into an Economic Advantage” panel, National Earthquake Conference, Seattle, WA, Spring 2008.

  • Keynote Address on Pandemic Readiness, Annual Conference of IT Examiners, Office of Thrift Supervision, Washington, D.C., Spring 2008.

  • “Ideas into Action: WaMu's Technology Innovation Program,” 2008 Spring Symposium, University of Washington Institute for Innovation in Information Management Conference (April 2008)