Annie Searle loves to write, and her work shows it. Early in her career she won a Corporation for Public Broadcasting promotion award for the monthly magazine she edited and produced for members. Later, she produced content-rich press materials and a code of ethics for the museum public relations profession during her seven years at the Seattle Art Museum. She owned a computer company in the 1990s, and still found time to write a monthly technology column for Seattle audiences. At Washington Mutual, Searle wrote often, from confidential executive reports, to weekly columns for her staff, and professional articles for publication.

Today she writes a monthly column for ASA News & Notes, in which she discusses news events as well as legal and policy issues that are of interest to the critical infrastructure sector. From 2012-2017, she wrote articles that focus on operational risk four times a year for the London-based magazine, The Risk Universe.

Publishing books is central to the ASA Institute for Risk and Innovation's mission. In 2011, Searle published Advice From A Risk Detective: At Home, At Work, Online And On The Road, available in both paperback and kindle versions. Searle notes wryly that it was a real challenge to write a book for the general public, one without acronyms and which uses her personal stories to make important points. She published a second edition of the book in 2013 that includes a new chapter on risks connected with school, as well as updated sections on online technology, social media and privacy. A third edition is expected in 2019, updating those same sections as well as the work chapter. All versions are available from Amazon.

In the spring of 2012, ASA’s Institute for Risk and Innovation published the inaugural volume of Reflections on Risk, available from Amazon in kindle and paperback versions. The book is a collection of 22 research notes originally published on this website and written primarily by four ASA research associates. The next volume, Reflections on Risk II, edited by Emily Oxenford, was published in February of 2014 and features 26 research notes by 14 different authors. A third volume, Reflections on Risk III with another 26 research notes, was published in 2015. A fourth volume, Reflections on Risk IV, with another 26 research notes, was published in November of 2017. A fifth volume, Reflections on Risk V, with 24 new research notes, is forthcoming in the fall of 2019.

Searle authored the second chapter -- “How Does Conduct Risk Manifest and What Are Its Root Causes?” -- of Conduct Risk: A Practitioner’s Guide, edited by Peter Haines and published by Risk Books of London in 2016.

In 2018, Tautegory Press released Risk Reconsidered, a collection of articles by Searle that first appeared in The Risk Universe magazine, as well as ten selected columns she wrote since 2016 primarily about policy and governance.