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Anne Searle 2014

Now in our ninth year, Annie Searle & Associates (ASA) has worked with companies or agencies from our nation's critical infrastructure sectors to better manage a range of risks that spring from the four operational risk dimensions of any organization --  people, processes, systems and external events. We've done that through the two divisions of the firm.

The ASA Institute for Risk and Innovation offers the latest high level threat analyses and risk assessments on a wide variety of real world issues in order to drive policy and regulatory changes. We publish at least one new research note monthly in our newsletter, ASA News & Notes, along with a column written by Annie Searle each month that examines risk challenges in the public and private sector. Annie comments daily on the news article of the day via Annie's Take. From the research notes published first in the newsletter has come the Reflections on Risk series of books, with Volume III published in December 2015.

ASA's consulting services drive improvements in an organization's policies, programs and business practices. Our toolset includes executive briefings, risk assessments with roadmaps, executive risk retreats, scenario design and testing.


Annie's Take

Daily commentary on risk news that matters.

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Annie is in her third year as a full time faculty member in the University of Washington's Information School. She is available for conferences and public speaking, but has restricted consulting engagements to the summer months. She wrote 20 articles between 2012-2017 for the now defunct The Risk Universe magazine, which she is now turning into a book; and has written over 70 monthly columns for ASA News & Notes. In addition to her "Advice From A Risk Detective" blog, she blogs for the Disaster Recovery Journal.